Pre-School 1 Ballet/TapPre-School:  PAC offers two levels for Pre-Schoolers!  Pre-School 1 & 2 are for age 3 & 4 up to Pre-K.  Morning, afternoon & early evening times are available.

Beginners:  PAC has four Beginner levels starting at the age of 4.  B-1 is for first year students, B-2 second year, etc.

School-Age Beginners:  SAB levels are for our School-Age-Beginners at PAC!  We offer two levels just for our beginners ages 7 to Teen; SAB-1 & SAB-2.

Advanced Beginners:  PAC has four levels of Advanced Beginners!  AB-1 & AB-2 are still in a AB2 BALLETcombination class.  Once you achieve the AB-3 level, your Ballet & Tap technique classes are separate.

Adults:  PAC offers several classes for adult dancers!

Intermediate – Advanced:  AT PAC, there are four Intermediate levels; Intermediate/Advanced and finally Advanced!

See each subject for a description of the class and any specific requirements.


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