Mini Team – Ages 5 – 8, previous training required.  Ballet, Tap, Jazz

Petite Team – Ages 8 – 10, Advanced Beginner Dancers.  Jazz & Lyrical

Petite/Junior – Ages 8 – 13.  Advanced Beginner – Intermediate Dancers.  Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop.

Junior Team – Ages 10 – 13.  Intermediate Dancers.  Jazz & Lyrical

Teen Team – Ages 13 – 15.  Intermediate Dancers.  Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical.

Teen/Senior Team – Ages 13 – 18.  Intermediate – Advanced Dancers.  Hip Hop.

Senior Team – Ages 16 – 18.  Intermediate/Advanced-Advanced Dancers.  Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical.

Boys – Ages 9 – 18.  Advanced Beginner – Advanced.  Tap & Musical Theatre.

Small Groups – Junior Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Lyrical.  Senior Tap, Jazz & Lyrical.

Specialty Numbers – Partnering.  Junior – Senior Team Dancers.  Partnering Experience preferred.

Production – Mini – Senior.  All Team Dancers are eligible to audition.



Most rehearsals are on Saturdays.  Minis rehearse in the morning 8:30 – 9:30 am; the rest of the team starts around 2:00 pm.  A couple of Senior lines rehearse during the week at the end of the beginning or end of the night.



If you are interested in auditioning, there is a post about auditions that includes the audition notice and the link to register for auditions.  If you would be new to the PAC Team, please call or stop by the PAC office to request a copy of last year’s contract so you will know a bit more what to expect during the year.